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Holding Arms and Positioners

For over 40 years, Mediflex has led the way in designing and manufacturing uniquely engineered Surgical Holders and Positioners used in Operating Rooms around the world. Initially used for Open Heart Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in 1969, the Flex Arm™ Line of Surgical Arms is now the Gold Standard for use in laparoscopic procedures. Our StrongArm™ Holder and Positioner has become our most popular arm – in most cases used to hold liver retractors. All Mediflex arms can be used in lieu of nurses and techs which in turn allows better utilization of these valuable resources.

  • FlexArm™ Plus Devices

    FlexArm™ Plus Devices (58)

    First used in Laparoscopic surgery in pre-video 1974, the Mediflex FlexArm™ Surgical Holder and Positioner allowed GYN Laparoscopists of that era the use 2 hands to hold instruments instead of only one. Today it allows labor savings in virtually every Laparoscopic Procedure.
  • StrongArm™ Devices

    StrongArm™ Devices (41)

    The Mediflex StrongArm™ Surgical Holder and Positioner was designed to hold a variety of devices used in both open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. One central tightening knob locks up all 3 articulating joints. And, changing the optional tips is quick and easy with Mediflex's proprietary Quick Disconnect feature.
  • Nathanson Hooks Systems

    Nathanson Hooks Systems (27)

  • Lap-Rack™

    Lap-Rack™ (6)

    The Lap-Rack™ is specially designed to hold 8 or more laparoscopic instruments of any size including clip appliers, graspers, needle drivers and stapling devices. It also enhances cord management by holding cautery probes, suction/irrigators and the energy device.