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Laparoscopic Disposable Products

Long known for cost-saving on reusable devices for surgery, Mediflex is now able offer more cost effective reposable and disposable Laparoscopic Devices. We feature a disposable Scissor Tip System that can save 15 to 35% over other tip systems and up to 70% on fully disposable shears. Mediflex has the world’s first Reposable Endo Bag system along with several cost-effective fully disposable laparoscopic devices.

  • Cutting Edge System

    Cutting Edge System (19)

    A new, sharp, sterile Scissor Tip for every laparoscopic procedure. That's what most laparoscopic surgeons demand and now Mediflex offers a US manufactured tip that is the most cost effective reposable scissor tip system available.
  • Wound Closure

    Wound Closure (6)

    The Mediflex Suture Closure Device can be used to close trocar sites, fixate the gall bladder in SILS Lap Choles and temporarily tack mesh into position in hernia procedures. And it does all this in a cost effective way.
  • Tissue Retrieval Systems

    Tissue Retrieval Systems (4)

    The Mediflex Bag for the Endoscopic Removal of Tissue (BERT) is available in 3 popular sizes. The Nubert Bag is part of the first Reposable Bag System utilizing a reusable Modular Grasper to insert, ope, close and withdraw the disposable bag.
  • Ligating Clips and Appliers

    Ligating Clips and Appliers (2)

    As hospitals continue to look for ways to reduce the costs of surgery, many surgeons have returned to manual clips for ligation during Lap Choles. This method consists of clips in a cartridge and a reusable applier. The cost to the hospital can be 75% or more less than fully disposable devices.
  • Insufflation Needles

    Insufflation Needles (2)

    All the features a surgeon looks for in a disposable Verres Needle…all the economy the Department Manager hopes for.
  • Disposable Electrodes

    Disposable Electrodes (30)

    Our disposable open surgery electrodes are single use guaranteeing the user a completely insulated and safer electrode in every case.
  • Cholangiography Products

    Cholangiography Products (3)

    All of the Mediflex Cholangiography Devices feature a tip smaller than 4 Fr, and a design that makes it easy to insert without a separate grasper. Surgeon friendly and cost effective!