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Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments

Mediflex is rapidly becoming one of the most comprehensive sources for reusable laparoscopic instruments in the surgical marketplace. Our armamentarium includes uniquely designed specialty instruments, an economical modular line of lap instruments, a Deluxe line of instruments that can be disassembled to be cleaned then reassembled for sterilization.

  • Relief™ Laparoscopic Instruments

    Relief™ Laparoscopic Instruments (2)

    The Relief™ Handle has a simple yet effective design. The thumb ring of the handle pivots and adapts itself to the thumbs movement in each direction, without restriction. The thumb is able to follow its natural sequence of movements. Consequently, the leading cause of tension on all muscles of the surgeons hand, arm and shoulder is greatly reduced.
  • Deluxe Modular Instruments

    Deluxe Modular Instruments (156)

    The Deluxe Modular System represents the best in quality, variety and value of any traditionally designed laparoscopic instrument. Its most appreciated feature allows it to be treated as a 1-piece, a 2-piece or a 3-piece instrument. This lets hospitals adapt their own best practices in processing; for example total disassembly for cleaning, but assembly prior to Sterilization. Thus a clean, sterile instrument that does not need to be assembled in the darkened laparoscopy suite.
  • 3.5mm Instruments

    3.5mm Instruments (32)

  • Lapro-Flex®

    Lapro-Flex® (5)

    Self-forming Articulating Retractors. Convenient, reusable and atraumatic retraction of organs and tissue. Several configurations available: right angle, triangular, and angled triangular. Innovative tip design ensures minimally space is required inside the abdomen to form the retractor shape. Easily activated using actuating knob until shape forms completely.
  • Percutaneous Instruments

    Percutaneous Instruments (5)

    The MicroGrip™ is a 2.7mm, 28cm long reposable instrument designed to secure and manipulate soft tissue and organs during traditional and Single Port laparoscopic procedures.
  • Anvil Graspers

    Anvil Graspers (2)

    The Anvil Grasper is designed to grasp the "spike" that is generally a part of the anvil in many mechanical circular stapling devices. If the stapler is being used laparoscopically a device of this sort is virtually mandatory. The reusable version offers tremendous long-term cost savings versus a disposable grasper.
  • Retractors

    Retractors (11)

    Mediflex offers a wide variety of reusable laparoscopic retracting devices.
  • Needle Holders

    Needle Holders (21)

    All Mediflex Laparoscopic Needle Holders are Manufactured in the United States. All are available with Tungsten Carbide jaws that are Straight, Curved Left or Curved Right.
  • Electrodes

    Electrodes (8)

    A cost effective alternative to disposable electrodes, these devices are easy to set up, use and clean.
  • Knot Pushers

    Knot Pushers (2)

    These knot pushers not only facilitate extracorporeal knot tying, but can be turned around and used as a palpation probe and measuring device.