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Table Mounted Retractor Systems

For nearly 40 years, Mediflex has led the way in designing and manufacturing uniquely engineered Table Mounted Retractor Systems used in Operating Rooms around the world.  Through our collaboration with world-famous surgeons such as John Bookwalter, M.D., Mel Greenberg, M.D. and others, Mediflex has been able to offer surgeons cutting edge surgical devices which, until recently, had been marketed only through large corporate distribution channels.

In this section of our web site, we feature the largest variety of Table Mounted Retractor Systems available in the world today.  Included is our Bookler® Table Mounted Retractor System designed by Mediflex Founder David T. Adler and John Bookwalter, M.D.  The Mini-Bookler® Table Mounted Retractor System is the world’s first Table Mounted System specifically designed for neo-natal and adult small incision surgery.  Our Universal Round Bar System offers an alternative method of retraction for those who are more familiar with Round Bar devices.  And, we offer what was our first Table Mounted Retractor designed with Mel Greenberg M.D. and named for Mediflex Founder David Adler.  The Davida™ Neurosurgical System offers the same high quality Neurosurgical Products we have manufactured and distributed through Codman for over 40 years as well as the identical system made from MRI compatible Titanium.

  • Bookler Table Mounted Retractors

    Bookler Table Mounted Retractors (166)

    The Bookler name for this product line honors the 2 gentlemen who developed and refined the original Table Mounted Retractor System for General Surgery - John Bookwalter, M.D. and Mediflex Founder David T. Adler. The system is fully compatible with Bookwalter Branded Retractor Systems.
  • DynaTrac™ Retractor Frame

    DynaTrac™ Retractor Frame (4)

    The Mediflex® DynaTrac™ Retraction Systems allows precise retraction for optimal surgical exposure and access. The versatile DynaTrac™ Retractor Frame permits use of Surgical Stays for superficial retraction as well as retractor blade attachment for deep retraction. For maximum stability of the DynaTrac™ Retraction System, FlexArm™ Plus can be easily connected to the low-profile hex post fitting.
  • Mini-Bookler Table Mounted Retractors

    Mini-Bookler Table Mounted Retractors (99)

    Since its introduction in 2008, the Mini-Bookler System has become a favorite of Pediatric Surgeons as well as Surgeons performing small incision Surgery on adults. It is the first and only Table Mounted Retractor to have all of its components downsized for these specialties.
  • Universal Round Bar TMRs

    Universal Round Bar TMRs (246)

    The company that developed the World Renowned Bookler Table Mounted Retractor System also offers a Universal Round Bar System in both Single-Post and Bilateral Versions.
  • Davida™ Neuro-Surgical Products

    Davida™ Neuro-Surgical Products (19)

    Over 40 years ago, Mediflex's founder, David T. Adler collaborated with Dr. Mel Greenberg to produce the original Neurosurgery Retractor and Handrest System which Mediflex® manufactured for and which was sold by Codman®. This same original system continues to be produced and sold through Mediflex® under the Davida Trademark. We also offer the system in MRI compatible Titanium.