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Bookler Table Mounted Retractors

The Bookler name for this product line honors the 2 gentlemen who developed and refined the original Table Mounted Retractor System for General Surgery – John Bookwalter, M.D. and Mediflex Founder David T. Adler. The system is fully compatible with Bookwalter Branded Retractor Systems.

  • Procedural Systems

    Procedural Systems (19)

    Bookler Procedural Systems contain all of the Mounting Hardware, Rings, Ratchets and Blades necessary to perform surgical procedures within specialty areas. Starter systems are designed to make it easy to develop customized retractor systems. The Starter Sets contain everything except the retractor blades. Add as many as are needed to the starter system for a specific surgeon, group or procedure.
  • Accessory Sets

    Accessory Sets (10)

    Bookler Accessory Sets include a few specialized products for specific uses. They must be used in conjunction with a Procedure System.
  • Components

    Components (125)

    Each product found in the Bookler Table Mounted Retractor Product Line is available as an individual item. Everything shown here is fully compatible with Bookwalter Brand Table Mounted Retractor Products.
  • Flex-Light

    Flex-Light (3)

    The Flex-Light delivers supplemental light of all three major styles of Table Mounted Retractors. All Flex-Light Devices supplied with 3 standard Fiber Optic Adapters.
  • Sterilization Trays and Containers

    Sterilization Trays and Containers (14)

    Mediflex offers a Container System that will accommodate virtually any Bookler or Bookwalter-styled System as well as the traditional General Surgery Tray.
  • Visceral Retainer

    Visceral Retainer (2)

    The Surgeons Sturgeon is a mechanical barrier/guard designed to minimize the risk of needle perforation injury to the abdominal organs/bowel during post surgery wound closure. Made from durable, surgical grade silicone, the Surgeons Sturgeon is reusable and will withstand repeated sterilization by autoclave.