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Davida Neuro-Surgical Products

Mediflex developed and has manufactured the Greenberg System for over 40 years. It is now available directly from Mediflex under our Davida Trademark. We also offer the system in MRI compatible Titanium.

  • Procedural Systems

    Procedural Systems (2)

    Designed by Mediflex founder David T. Adler and Mel Greenberg, M.D., The Davida System remains the world's best known Neurosurgical Table Mounted Retractor and Handrest System. Systems are available in the original Stainless Steel design as well as MRI-compatible Titanium. Mediflex also markets the Stainless Steel version under the Greenberg Brand Name through Codman.
  • Davida Components

    Davida Components (21)

    All of the original Stainless Steel products designed by Dr. Greenberg are still available. All parts are identical to the Greenberg System products distributed through Codman.
  • Sterilization Container

    Sterilization Container (1)

    Universal retractor container keeps all surgical patties at the surgeons fingertips.
  • Titanium Procedural Systems

    Titanium Procedural Systems (2)

  • Titanium Davida Components

    Titanium Davida Components (5)

    With the growing usage of Intraoperative MRI's in Neurosurgery, Mediflex offers the Davida Systems in MRI compatible Titanium. All parts are dimensionally compatible with the Stainless steel versions of both Davida and Greenberg systems.