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Mini-Bookler Table Mounted Retractors

Since its introduction in 2008, the Mini-Bookler System has become a favorite of Pediatric Surgeons as well as Surgeons performing small incision Surgery on adults. It is the first and only Table Mounted Retractor to have all of its components downsized for these specialties.

  • Procedural Systems & Sets

    Procedural Systems & Sets (12)

    Mediflex's Mini-Bookler Table Mounted System is the first Table Mounted System specifically designed for use in Neo-Natal, Pediatric and Small-Incision Adult Surgery. It provides the same advantages and improved surgical site exposure in Pediatric and Small-Incision Surgery that the Original Bookwalter Systems brought to Abdominal Surgery 40 years ago!
  • Holding and Positioning Devices

    Holding and Positioning Devices (6)

    Mini-Bookler Systems do not use traditional Field Posts. Instead, they are designed to be held by Mediflex Holders and Positioners; particularly the StrongArm Surgical Holder and Positioner.
  • Components

    Components (69)

    Each product found in the Mini-Bookler Table Mounted Retractor Product Line is available as an individual item.
  • Flex-Light

    Flex-Light (3)

  • Sterilization Trays and Containers

    Sterilization Trays and Containers (15)

    Mediflex provides a Sterilization Container specifically designed to accommodate a Mini-Bookler System and the Mounting Hardware used to position it.