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Mediflex® Curved Suture Grasper, Box of 10, Sterile


Mediflex® Curved Suture Grasper
Curved distal shaft permits extended 360° access to suture retrieval
Unique design securely holds suture in place better
  •    14-gauge stainless steel device attached to an ergonomic, latex-free handle
  •    Innovative design securely holds suture in place
  •    Percutaneously pass and retrieve sutures
  •    One-hand function with comfortable finger platforms for tactile control
  •    Grasper arms permit easy suture access & retrieval
  •    Multiple clinical applications
  •    Accommodates 0 to 2-0 suture sizes
  •    Single Use Disposable, 10 units per box, sterile
  •    Made in U.S.A.


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