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Mini-Bookler® Small Basic System


Starter System for Small Incision Surgery. Here is everything you need except the blades. This allows you to customize a set for a particular procedure or surgeon. Add as many blades as necessary. Note: Should be used with Mediflex® StrongArm Holder and Positioner, available separately.

This System Contains:

Model Description Size Quantity
72280 Mini-Bookler® Clasper 1
72282 Mini-Bookler® Ring Segments 5″ (12.5cm) 1
72284 Mini-Bookler® Ring Segments 6.5″ (16.25cm) 1
72286 Mini-Bookler® Ring Segments 2″ (5cm) 1
72288 Mini-Bookler® Ring Segments 3.5″ (8.75cm) 1
72290 Mini-Bookler® Twist Ratchet 1
72294 Mini-Bookler® Tilt Ratchet 6
72295 Mini-Bookler® Split Ring 7″ (17.5cm) 1


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