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Versa Lifter Needle – 5cm Needle, 5 per box, Sterile

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Versa Lifter Needle – 5cm Needle, 13cm Suture, 5 per box, Sterile. Fits down minimum 8mm trocar.

Versa Lifter Needle is a disposable, Port-Free Internal Retractor which provides a simple, effective solution to achieve optimal sugical field exposure without interference of operating instruments or robotic arms.

Rapid clip application and removal enables easy re-positioning throughout each stage of the procedure.

By eliminating a port, retraction instrument and assistant – Versa Lifter Needle save OR time and money.

Versa Lifter Needle is highly effective for retraction / suspension of all organs and tissue including: peritoneum, colon, stomach, gallbladder, bladder, prostate, and bowel.

  • Hands-free solution for optimal surgical field exposure
  • Dynamic suspension with adjustable distance and angle of retraction
  • Eliminates port dedicated for retraction – saving time and money
  • Fully compatible with robotic procedures
  • Two needle lengths to accommodate different abdomen thickness
  • Easy, rapid set-up